Support to local help centers

Operators of local help centers affiliated to EBITEMP can forward, on behalf of the temporary workers, all the applications for the services offered by the bilateral body.
The worker that would like to get the support of a union help center has to underwrite a mandate where he/she states:

  • that the processing and the judgment of the application, and the eventual request of integrations or explanations, are of exclusive responsibility of Ebitemp;
  • that he/she is aware that the help center is responsible only for the forwarding of the application and its attached documentation to Ebitemp;
  • that he/she is aware that the access credentials to on-line services belongs to them and its usage is under their full responsibility.

With the mandate the worker signs also the privacy terms and conditions where it is defined:

  • why your personal data will be processed;
  • who will have access to your data;
  • the type of the data request;
  • the owner of the data processing.

It is possible to fill the application entering in the MyEbitemp area of this site, filling all the required fields and printing the application form and the attachments at the end of the application process.
The basic required documentation is:

  1. Application form generated by the site;
  2. Social Security Number;
  3. Document of identity;
  4. Contract of the duty assignment and eventual extensions OR copy of the permanent employment contract, assignment letter and eventual extensions;
  5. Privacy terms&conditions declaration generated by the site;
  6. Mandate.

Depending on the service requested it will be necessary to supply additional documentation.