Ebitemp is the national bilateral body for temporary work. It was set up through a contractual agreement between the trade union organisations Felsa Cisl, Nidil Cgil and Uil Cpo and the association of the agency for temporary work, Assolavoro. It is a non-profit organisation and is active both in favour of workers and agencies. In a framework of trade union relations that are consistent with the objectives of development and qualification of production and employment within the sector, Ebitemp fulfils a dual function:

  • It provides a service for the management of the bilateralism and the trade union rights within the temporary employment sector;
  • It safeguards and protects workers in temporary employment through income support interventions and other services defined by the national bargaining agreements.

To achieve its objectives, Ebitemp makes use of the contribution that is charged to Employment Agencies, in the measure envisaged by the national bargaining agreements.

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