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Hospitality allowances


What it foreseest

Hospitality allowances

Who is it for and what are the requirements?

A one-off allowance is granted to workers who provide hospitality, including through adoption or fostering, to persons with international protection (refugee status, subsidiary protection and asylum seekers), temporary protection and special protection. A prerequisite for the payment of the allowance is the “Declaration of hospitality” or appropriate documentation certifying the adoption or fostering and a minimum period of hosting of at least three months.
Applications may be submitted by workers who, during the period of hospitality, and in any case from 9 April 2022, have or have had an employment contract of at least one day.
Please note that the above requirements must be met between 9 April 2022 and 31 October 2022.

What you can get:

A total one-off allowance of €1,000 gross of the taxes required by law; the allowance is increased to €1,500, gross of the taxes required by law, in the case of hosting a child under 18 or a pregnant woman.
Payments by direct debit bank transfer or prepaid revolving cards are allowed only under the maximum threshold of €1.500; for higher amounts it is necessary to indicate a bank account in the name of the person under international or temporary protection.
Payments to foreign current accounts outside the SEPA area are not allowed.

What you have to do:

The deadline for submission of the application, by those who will meet the access requirements by 31.10.2022, is set at 31.12.2022, in one of the following ways:

  • through the My Ebitemp* members area, through which it is possible to monitor the progress of the request and add any missing documentation;
  • by sending the forms and complete documentation by registered mail with return receipt to EBITEMP – INDENNITA’ OSPITALITA’ – CORSO VITTORIO EMANUELE II, 269 – 00186 ROMA;

*Please note that the only recognised method of receiving requests received with the support of the Territorial Trade Union offices is through the MyEbitemp platform; registered mail or certified emails are not accepted.

Required documentation

Documents to attach:

• Photocopy of an identity document and the tax code of the worker hosting the person(s);
• Copy of the fixed-term staffing contract and any extensions relating to the hosting period of the host worker;
• Last pay slip available at the time of application
• Copy of the permanent contract and latest available pay slip of the host worker;
• Copy of the “Declaration of hospitality”
• Self-certification confirming the actual completion of the hosting period *
• Residence permit or a copy of the receipt attesting to the submission of an application for international protection (refugee status, subsidiary protection and asylum seekers), temporary protection or special protection, of at least one of the hosted persons; if there is a minor or a pregnant woman among the hosted persons, in order to access the higher allowance of €1500 gross, it will be necessary to submit the same documentation for one of these persons;
• Certified copy of any adoption or fostering order issued by the court
• Copy of pregnancy certificate, if applicable
• Ebitemp privacy form

* at least three months after the actual start of the availability period, the host must confirm that they have actually hosted for at least three months

The benefit in question is subject to a ceiling of €5,000,000 (dedicated in total to the entire package of benefits aimed at supporting persons subject to international protection – refugee status, subsidiary protection and asylum seekers – temporary protection and special protection) and has an experimental duration until 31.10.2022.
If the required documentation is missing, Ebitemp will suspend the investigation and send the request for additional documentation, which must be received within 120 calendar days, after which, if no additional documentation is received, the application will be considered waived and therefore rejected.

Provisions common to all of the above extraordinary benefits

If the application was not submitted using the correct benefit section of the portal/paper application form, the submitted application will be cancelled and a new application will have to be submitted in accordance with the deadlines set out in the relevant regulation. The date of receipt of the new submission will be the decisive date for processing the application.
Ebitemp will monitor the overall trend of the individual extraordinary benefits dedicated to persons under international protection – refugee status, subsidiary protection and asylum seekers – temporary protection and special protection, in order to assess the demand and possible corrective actions.
The assessment and approval of applications is subject to the sole discretion of the Performance Committee.
In order to protect its rights, Ebitemp reserves every right, including the right to take legal action, in the event of false declarations or forged documents or in any case in the event of behaviour that could potentially constitute a civil or criminal offence.